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Technology and Service Provider

Top-tier turnkey tokenization provider

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization company that provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and security tokens.

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Blockchain-based issuance, management, and trading of tokenized assets

Tokenization represents a revolutionary technology that streamlines and enhances the process of issuing corporate securities through blockchain. By utilizing blockchain technology, tokenization simplifies the traditionally intricate process of securities issuance, offering a more efficient, modern approach to the entire operation.


Choices for tokenization: Business Insights

Explore tokenization by investigating which companies are currently experiencing the highest rates of adoption.

Private businesses and startups

Unlock new funding avenues and enhance liquidity by tokenizing assets. Ideal for businesses seeking innovative financing solutions.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Tokenization offers SMEs access to broader investment markets, allowing them to raise capital efficiently and attract diverse investors.

Developers in the real estate sector

Revolutionize real estate financing by tokenizing property assets. Streamline fundraising and provide investors with accessible opportunities.

Investment funds and financial entities

Utilize tokenization to enhance fund management, improve liquidity, and create novel investment products for clients.

Businesses with substantial community engagement

Engage your community by tokenizing assets, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

End-to-end tokenization management

Stobox serves as your strategic partner, adeptly managing the end-to-end process to ensure the continual and seamless delivery of business operations.

Tokenization / STO Consulting

We determine the right structure to tokenize your assets, help you choose the right jurisdiction, and prepare the roadmap.

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Legal management

We provide help with all legal preparations for issuing and offering virtual assets: company incorporation, preparation of documents, etc.

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Digital assets consulting

We find the best way to improve your costumer relationships with digital assets and assist with preparation for the issuance.

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Steps to your tokenization

Unlocking Real World Assets through Security Token Offering (STO) for your business.



Tokenization starts with asset transfer to an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), be it valuable resources (oil, gas, gold) or tangible assets (mine, plantation).



In tokenization, corporate securities shift to blockchain tokens, blending traditional assets with the dynamic blockchain realm.



STO marks an exciting tokenization stage where securities become digital tokens for investor sale. Stobox DS Dashboard facilitates this phase.



In the last phase, marketing shines, linking tokenized assets globally. Community and networks hold immense power in this digital age.


Secondary trading via DS Swap or alternatives

Utilize DS Swap, P2P, or exchange listing for seamless security token trading.

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Various investors are exploring the possibilities of tokenization

Retail Investors

Accredited Investors

Asset and Portfolio Managers

High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs)

Private Investors

Institutional Investors


Tokenization cases with Stobox

Various successful use cases and success stories related to the tokenization of real-world assets through security tokens.

Tokenization classics — offering US real estate to global audience

Landshare is a striking example of the clearest asset tokenization use case. We tokenize residential apartments in the US and offering them both domestically to accredited investors and globally to non-accredited (with some limitations). Such a model allows us to sell properties at a higher price due to the liquidity premium and higher demand.

Jordan Friske
Founder of Landshare
Global institutional offering by the US hardware startup

While many of similar projects aim for global markets, we had a purely domestic focus to leverage a strong local brand. This allowed us to sell a tokenized villas in Tulum, mostly focusing on the local crypto community and high net worth individuals.

Cameron Williamson
President of Sales
Avora Capital is tokenizing its real estate

Avora Capital has built a massive business for managing properties in the UK and is now testing tokenization as a new tool for reaching investors. The first test case is tokenizing a residential unit using a Liechtenstein-based company, reaching out to European professional investors.

Gareth Street
Founder & COO
GL Capital: Democratizing real estate investments

In addition to an expanded investor circle, many entrepreneurs are attracted by the promise of increased liquidity. Our offering attracted a significant amount of capital even before the launch, demonstrating that investors are highly interested in the benefits blockchain can deliver.

Andrew Hinman
Managing Partner
Global institutional offering by the US hardware startup

Powershift Properties is a global network of spaces for purpose agents to live, work and connect. Tokenization with Stobox has been a no-brainer for us, as it opens access to our international investor network and makes the offering more attractive.

Thomas Thomison
Founding Member, PowerShift Properties, DAO LLC

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Stobox partners

Stobox has a strong network of partners worldwide, including law firms, marketing agencies, and niche service providers.

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